Illustration en noir et blanc d'un repas sous l'Empire
Gros plan sur une assiette remplie d'un plat raélisé par un grand chaf cuisinier
Illustration colorée de 2 acteurs de théâtre avec costumes anciens
Saveurs d'Histoire public international
Grand repas gastronomique sous le Second Empire
Chefs cuisiniers




ith Saveurs d’Histoire, we want to share our taste for beautiful places and French Cuisine. Between terroirs and climates, between authentic products and culinary traditions, we invite you to discover the intimacy of sites full of history.
Our concept: We offer journeys into the past to experience the magic of a site and to taste the gastronomy of the time, thanks to our prestigious events.

Saveurs d’Histoire mix culture, tradition and way of life, to invite you to discover our monuments, our chefs and our terroirs.

We have selected some of the most beautiful places for a wonderful journey through time.

Our costumed actors will welcome you and immerse you in the era of the place.

Our chefs update the emblematic recipes of French cuisine history.

Our ceremonial settings and elegant tables celebrate the French art of living.

Saveurs d’Histoire

offers a tasty immersion through history, to enjoy the magic of an exceptional diner.

Saveurs d’Histoire

invites you to discover the intimacy of the French heritage through its gastronomy in a friendly and festive atmosphere.

Saveurs d’Histoire

takes you on a journey back in time to experience history and taste the French art of living.

Saveurs d’Histoire

allows you to meet actors, wine specialist, French terroir artisan, and chief for tasty, surprising and rewarding animations.

Answering to your expectations, drawing up a proposal that suits you, organising your experience down to the last detail :

Saveurs d’Histoire works on a tailor-made approach. Our gourmet destinations are specifically designed to meet the expectations of all our different markets.