Illustration en noir et blanc d'un repas sous l'Empire
Gros plan sur une assiette remplie d'un plat raélisé par un grand chaf cuisinier
Illustration colorée de 2 acteurs de théâtre avec costumes anciens
Saveurs d'Histoire public international
Grand repas gastronomique sous le Second Empire
Chefs cuisiniers

Leading Team and Commitments

A new way to savour history

Our idea is to combine culture and gourmet delicacies in a new type of menu for professionals and groups of tourists.

Saveurs d’Histoire imagines for you a journey to the heart of the terroirs, with savoury destinations set in remarkable sites.

You will be amazed by the atmosphere of the place, the taste of its cuisine, its period decoration and the history surrounding the settings.

Groups of guests will take part in the banquet in the greatest French tradition and experience a part of the French historical way of life.

Owners and founders profiles


54 years old, originally from Lyon, I was successively Consultant, Marketing Manager of French and Asian companies and then general manager. Throughout my career, I dealt with many issues related to the events and leisure tourism markets. Territorial strategies and customer relations, flow analysis and geomarketing, media and digital campaigns are all effective approaches to promote an offer. But I am convinced that the major asset of an offer is the strength of the story told, the promise of a lively experience, and the territorial anchoring, which generate public support.

With Saveurs d’Histoire, we claim an approach to history and heritage through emotion, perception and sensitivity. The history of our terroirs to be lived and tasted to better understand it


For more than 25 years, I have worked in the leisure and tourism industry, mainly in marketing and sales functions, as an employee or self-employed. Whether in France or abroad, listening to my clients, understanding their needs, designing and offering an adapted product, have always been essential to develop long term relationships and meet my clients’ expectations. My various functions led me to live in London and also in Las Vegas and Barcelona for nearly 2 decades. I have also met and collaborated with clients in more than 50 countries. I have been able to learn about a number of different cultures and lifestyles but also to realize the richness of our culinary and cultural heritage in France.

With Saveurs d’Histoire, we offer a wide choice of sites, themes, but also different cuisines and wines to satisfy French and foreign customers, to surprise and delight them.

Experience and Passions are the driving forces behind the idea of Saveurs d’Histoire.

« We have imagined another form of cultural visit: creative and gourmet. An offer with gastronomy as the tasty link between past and present, to rediscover our historical sites in a lively, friendly and festive way. »

– OD and LG –

Saveurs d’Histoire commitments

Promoting the diversity of our terroirs

Saveurs d’Histoire turns towards authentic gastronomy, promoting the short circuit the local cuisine and the discovery of our regional products.

Developing a new approach to historical sites

Driven by the diversity of our heritage, Saveurs d’Histoire strives to bring to life the past of our sites by introducing our clients to places steeped in history.

Restoring the history of our tables with truth

Saveurs d’Histoire aims to restore the historical table and culinary practises with a concern for truthfulness.