Illustration en noir et blanc d'un repas sous l'Empire
Gros plan sur une assiette remplie d'un plat raélisé par un grand chaf cuisinier
Illustration colorée de 2 acteurs de théâtre avec costumes anciens
Saveurs d'Histoire public international
Grand repas gastronomique sous le Second Empire
Chefs cuisiniers

Art of living

OUR DNA : « The art of French hospitality »

A unique opportunity to taste and to understand the history and savours of “the gastronomic French dinner “ celebrated by the UNESCO.

Our reception department welcomes you and gives you the keys of these exceptional homes to discover their intimacy.

Saveurs d’Histoire captures the table like a canvas of the period: revealing dishes and wines, unveiling decorations and table service.

A gourmet painting where each guest is invited. Everyone takes part in the banquet and discovers a theatrical cuisine.

A journey into the heart of French “terroirs” to discover local products, traditional know-how and passionate gastronomy artisans.

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