Illustration en noir et blanc d'un repas sous l'Empire
Gros plan sur une assiette remplie d'un plat raélisé par un grand chaf cuisinier
Illustration colorée de 2 acteurs de théâtre avec costumes anciens
Saveurs d'Histoire public international
Grand repas gastronomique sous le Second Empire
Chefs cuisiniers

Association, Club


Saveurs d’Histoire has created, designed and developed an offer for members of an association or a club, who want also to share their love for gastronomy, passion for history, either they are epicurians and curious or travelers and aesthets.

To answer to your needs, to drawi up a proposal that suits you, to organise your experience, a journey back in time : Saveurs d’Histoire works on a tailor-made approach.

« La cuisine, c’est quand les choses ont le goût de ce qu’elles sont… »

– Curnonsky, Prince des Gastronomes

Blsaon pour Associations, corporations et clubs

Your expectations

Blsaon pour Associations, corporations et clubs

► YOU wish to gather in a historical site to share a great moment of conviviality around an exceptional diner;

► YOU want to be with your members to discover a region, its buildings and its culture in a new way.

► YOU are looking for a group experience combining culture, gourmet pleasure and historical environment;

Our offer

Trip to French region, association gathering, club anniversaries, annual dinners or lunches, a day out : this is a new way to gather around a table.

► Saveurs d’Histoire combines experience and cultural contents. We take you back in time, recreating the atmosphere of historical sites and we welcome you on board for a tasty and meaningful journey.

► Our destinations invite you to discover an era through the beauty of historical. Surprise your members and share with them a gourmet and lively adventure.