Illustration en noir et blanc d'un repas sous l'Empire
Gros plan sur une assiette remplie d'un plat raélisé par un grand chaf cuisinier
Illustration colorée de 2 acteurs de théâtre avec costumes anciens
Saveurs d'Histoire public international
Grand repas gastronomique sous le Second Empire
Chefs cuisiniers

The tables of history

Gastronomy through the ages

An epicurean journey to the heart of the great chefs of French cuisine.
The discovery of the French terroirs: the local culinary traditions and the typical dishes of our gastronomy.

You will taste the recipes of the famous chefs from each era, in an unique environment.


aveurs d’Histoire is a blend of culture, tradition and art de vivre,
inviting you to discover our historic sites, chefs and regional cuisine. Our catalog offers you a variety of destinations and innovative themes throughout the centuries, seasons and regions.
You choose a period, a historical figure or a legendary recipe. We offer you a unique combination of authentic gastronomy and immersion in a prestigious French historical site.

French-style castle life

Medieval castles, abbeys, Renaissance mansions manors and castles of the great century of Louis XIV – Orangeries and Château des Lumières

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing the true pleasures of a banquet in a private castle?

Saveurs d’Histoire opens the doors of exceptional sites for a journey back in time: the table of the Burgundian knights, the cuisine of the Lords of Savoy, the banquet of

” Le Roi Soleil “, fine dining in style with Voltaire and the philosophers of the Enlightenment.

You will share an innovative, friendly and surprising experience with your guests through historical recipes, refined table decorations, waiters in costumes and live entertainment.

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A journey at the table of the silk merchants in Lyon in 1850’s.

Palais du Commerce, Villas, Manors and Empire Townhouses

Saveurs d’Histoire invites you for an amazing journey through the city of Lyon at the heart of the Second Empire.

We recreate the chic and elegant atmosphere of silk-makers’ banquet. You will sit at their table and share and taste the Empire’s cuisine, with dressing and costumed service.

Mère Guy, the first famous Lyon chef, and Jules Gouffe, Napoleon III’s chef, will prepare an impressive imperial diner for you.

After lunch, you will climb the hill of

Croix-Rousse, to discover the world of the “canuts” (silk workers) and their workshop and home.

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Belle Epoque and Roaring Twenties :

let’s celebrate!

Casino Belle Epoque, Castles, Manors and Villas 1900, speakeasy of the twenties

Experience the most festive period in French history. Fashion Belle Epoque, Cinema Belle Epoque, Circus Belle Epoque, our themes carry you in the electric atmosphere of the great parties of the early century.

Immerse yourself in the French “Années Folles” of champagne, feathers, swinging jazz and Charleston.

You will be seated at a table richly decorated in the codes of the time: service in 1900 costumes, Art Deco ornaments with feathers, exotic curiosities will take you to the fabulous era of Josephine Baker. Taste a high-quality bourgeois cuisine, rich in regional influences, created by Auguste Escoffier, star of the French chefs of the 1900’s.

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Renaissance banquet in costumes

Castles, manors, abbeys, nobles ancient residences

Lords, princes, princesses or even rich merchants, you will attend a royal banquet at the court of François Ist in a prestigious Renaissance residence. Dressed in ceremonial costumes, you will be amazed by the refinement of decorating and serving à la Française. Italian influence, spices and New World products will immerse you in the flavors of the cuisine of the famous Renaissance chef Bartolomeo Scappi.

Live shows and costumed actors will make you live the refined atmosphere of this unique period in French history. Taking part as the actor of this banquet, you will embark on a colorful and tasty journey to the table of the French Renaissance.

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Sharing a table with the “Mères Lyonnaises”

Wine cellar. Tavern Café. Museum

Saveurs d’Histoire takes you back to the fabulous history of Lyon’s “Mères” (mothers). Endowed with an exceptional sense of entrepreneurship, these businesswomen were both cooks and managers of their establishment before their time. They imposed an original, feminine and regional definition of gastronomy in the 1900s. These famous “Mères“ would accumulate more than 12 Michelin stars.

You will experience a theatrical banquet revealing all the gouaille and generosity of Lyon and taste a menu celebrating its finest culinary creations. You will enjoy a hearty cuisine that happily mixes popular recipes, family tradition and bourgeois gastronomy.

With “la Mère Guy”, the first of the “Mères Lyonnaises”, you will be immersed in the extraordinary feminine epic of Lyon gastronomy.

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Authentic tasting of cheese, bread and wine in an historical cellar.

Cellars, wineries, rooftops or museums

Saveurs d’Histoire invites you to go cheese-lovering. Whether national, or local, our master cheesemakers will work with you to design your itinerary in the land of cheese and advise you on how to create a French-style “eating tour”, full of discoveries, gourmet, convivial and… cheese!

Bread, its indispensable partner, spread over the table with its variety and the subtlety of its combinations. Crunchy, soft, airy, there are so many textures and flavors that you will want to take with you on this cheese tour of France.

Wine will be part of your journey. Our sommelier favors local, authentic winemakers, ideal to magnificent the wine paring. And of course, together we can also go off the beaten track and suggest rare or explosive pairings.

Quizzes, blind tastings, oenological advice and costumed events will help you discover the aromas and flavours of France’s most beautiful regions.( Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Beaujolais).

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A purple table in the land of lavender (in blooming period, from June to July)

Large Mas, Manors, Bastides, Provencal homes

Our houses welcome you for a meal that will delight your eyes and your palate. With lavender around you and in your plate, you will discover a floral cuisine, fragrant and light, subtly combined to create an explosion of flavors.

The beauty of a mauve table and the romance of the place will enchant you. Finally, you’ll be amazed by the lavender fields with their purple-blue shades.

For food lovers and in love with Provence, you will enjoy your taylor-made day.

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Belle Epoque of the Provençal Painters : Van Gogh, Cézanne and Renoir

Museums- Provencal Mas -Bastides 1900- Belle Epoque Manors

Saveurs d’Histoire invites you to the Provence of the Belle Epoque: Discover a festive table with the contemporaries of Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Renoir. You will have a taste of the cuisine of Auguste Escoffier, the star chef of the time. A fine and sunny cuisine, rooted in the land. Celebrate the colors of the painters of Provence at a chic and colorful banquet. At Saveurs d’Histoire, art and fine food come together for a unique experience at the “table like a painting” of the masters of Provence.

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